Why has harassment become a serious issue among the MNCs?

In this era, you would surely have heard about the cases of the office harassment. These also mainly took place in the big multinational companies. The harassment took place mostly with the women on the premises where there is no equal proportion of the women. The women are not given equal importance at these spots, which raises the chance of the harassments.  Any kind of harassment that occurred in the organization is considered illegal. The case of the Mullin, who was harassed by one of his colleagues, got a massive popularity among the audience. The Mullin is also famous for offering the course of  serenity nlp to the people, and if you want to see him, you have incurred a high expenditure to enter in that course.

Any high authority individual is the leading cause.

There might not be any physical evidence of the harassment as it all depends upon the understanding of the subject. The offensive cases may include the activities such as jokes, slurs, and epithets.  The individuals who were the main subject of the harassment can be your manager or supervisor or any important person in your work place.

Different measures that can be taken to cope up with this issue

  • Any employee who has faced this kind of situation should try to collect the proofs as only these proofs can help them to take any action against those people who have done very badly with them. For this, they can consider the use of the cameras and voice recorders as they can only help them.
  • The management can also take some of the steps to get rid of these issues as they can make their staff aware of the culture and make them familiar with the ethics which they might have forgotten.